Time to get fit!

Hey guys!

I’ve decided I need to get into shape. I need to eat healthier and lose some weight.

I think it will make me feel healthier and better all around about myself.

I want to be in good shape this final year of highschool! They always say after highschool you gain all this weight but, I’m gunna try not to by eating right and exercising ! [:

I’m excited about this, if I actually stick to it.

I always say this stuff and never stick to it. But, hopefully I stick to it this time!

Wish me luck ! ❤

xoxo, elizabeth !

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Hey there!

I haven’t wrote in such a long time. I finally moved to a new house. I have my own room which is pretty dang nice.  I finally have a place to go to escape all the people in my house! (: I can invite friends over. 

But, most of my friends live in Lehigh so no one visits me 😦  Oh well. I’ll make new friends at my new school. North! 

I love that I get to decorate my room! Well this was a pointless blog I have nothing else to say. 

xoxo, Elizabeth ❤

Finally, Moving!

Hey you bloggers!

Well it’s finally the big move. If it’s really “the move” this time. They always give as a date, it’s like hey you can move in by this date…. but no. They change it every time. We are either moving tomorrow, thursday or friday. There is not a set date. Big surprise there!

I’m so glad that it’s finally time to move. I get my own privacy now. Woot! [:

I’ve been living in my dad’s living room since I moved in with him. Not the most comfortable place. I just can not wait for my own place. My own escape time when I can not handle my sisters anymore. I mean I love them but, it’s the time where I want my own time. They pick fights where you can’t win. Especially when you don’t have a room to go to.

I have a room this time. I need to get the necessary things for it though. [: I can’t wait to decorate! It’s going to be perfect-ooo! I hope I can get all my things! I might steal some of my things from my mom’s house! HEHE [;

Well I have nothing more to say…. So talk to you next time! [:

XOXO, Elizabeth ❤ Continue reading

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The Beginning To A New Blogger :\

Well, I’ve never done this before. I guess I’ll see where it goes.

I’m Elizabeth, (: I decided it’s time to let things out, start something different, tell about whats happening in my life. So dilly dink, here this blog is.

I never know what to write about, it’s mostly blabbing. But what the poop, who cares. That’s how this goes? Who knows, I’m new at this sort of thing anyway.

Well I picked the title, ” This to shall pass ” because well I couldn’t think of anything for one to be honest. Second it has a meaning, for me it means not everything is bad in life, things go in and out of our lives. Good and bad. That wouldn’t be life if that didn’t happen. Basically not everything is permanent, it’s okay to make some mistakes. It will pass. I could go on with this but I think you get the meaning?

On to a different topic, I’m becoming a Senior in the fall at a totally new school. I’m going from a school that’s really small, that I’m comfortable with to a HUGE school. Big changes for this girl. Well God wouldn’t send anything my way that I can’t handle, right? Right. So it will be fine and dandy. There’s parts and not so good parts. It will be a new start a plus… but I know absolutely no one which is a negative… but I’ll see what happens. Soon I’m turning the big 18. It’s time to grow up, get a job, focus on things that are important. Hopefully the odds are in my favor! Ha-ha, hunger games joke (;

I’ll wrap this up now, what I’ve written above is basically what I will be writing about up until I graduate. Interested? Follow me! (: Keep reading about my so totally fascinating life (:

XOXO <3, Elizabeth

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